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Christophe Willem

  • Genre: French Pop
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:29

Music Video


  • Where is the album on iTunes USA??

    By Miliew
    Would love to buy the album 'inventaire' on iTunes!
  • well...

    By CAA739500
    not my favorite song from him but he's all right. It's true he sounds like a gurl but he's different. But ummmmmm...one thing for shore...he's not cute:)
  • this dude rocks!

    By shadoe girl
    yes christophe willem is different, but that doesnt change how cool he is! In france, he is a superstar and even better, is one of the many trying to make a difference! french class not only taught me this, but also taught me just how universal music really is! girl voice? who cares! think about back in the 70's, funky town, Prince, MJ! some of the greatest music in history! did it stop them from being cool? NO! today, everyone tries to sing! and you know what i mean! one sec your an actor next you make a freakn rap cd! what the heck!? but not everyone has genuine real tallent! christophe willem, thank you! you really are awesome!
  • yup

    By music is my life nel
    he might have a girl voice-but wow you should see how popular he is in france! (bad voice reviewer from above!) i especially like his newer song, ..just cuase someone has a girl voice doesn't mean they are bad-take MIKA for example..
  • bad voice

    By your name here:
    he has a girl voice and his singing doesn't even make sense
  • Love that Christophe...

    By Harlow33
    Christophe Willem is a French pop star, he won a competition (similar to the "Idol" franchise) in France. But unlike most winners who are plain and boring, Christophe and his music are quirky and interesting. And this video proves it...he's great!
  • cool

    By happy_face
    we learned about this dude in french class....hes a little bizarro
  • P'tain c'est chient ca!

    By adypants
    Pourquoi n'est-il pas encore sur Itunes?! C'est trop agacant! Il est super chouette et si je veux son album je dois faire commande de la France, ce qui sera beaucoup plus cher. GRRR!!!
  • Christophe, il est un homme de genie!

    By mixdesoiree
    cette chanson, c'est pas mon chanson prefere, mais j'aime bien christophe. il est triste que son cd ne soit pas sur l'iTunes usa. =(

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