No Bull

Chris Brown

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2010-07-16
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:05

Music Video


  • Beater!

    By Sumgal7
    He is trying too much to win the pity of fans. Dude work on ur music

    By 2up2down
    I love Chris Brown. I'm so glad he is finding his way back. @FAME KILLS, of course we won't 4get what he did, however, we SHOULD 4give. It's time!!! REGARDLESS he is an AWESOME singer, dancer and all around performer. Let's talk about his talent. The only person Chris needs to worry about is Jesus. He forgives us all of our sins. Don't forget when you do something wrong, and someone won't let you move on. His actions are no different than all the disrespect we hear about on most rap songs.
  • Woman beater

    By X-tina lover
    I hope your album flops flops flops
  • chris, chris and Chris

    By catwoman 903
    Go harder, the more they hate, the more your fans appreciate. Go even harder, if that is possible. The video is so hard. Texas loving you 903 babe.
  • Butthurt!!

    By soccerkid17
    Me la pela cb!!
  • I love it chris brown is sexy like breezy

    By Sexyhoneybear26
    Chris brown is so hot n sexy. I wish my boyfriend do that 2 me. Chris brown breezy, also thank god he is back
  • Dont ever forget

    By Izzirocks
    I agree with fame kills, what he did was just wrong and i will never forgive him. BUT on a higher note... LOV THIS SONG
  • this it what I been wainting for

    By Marcyl
    This is Chris's comeback, yes he f*cked. He said he was sorry but let's not forget theres two sides to every story. I love him still.
  • Really?

    By EricaMo13
    Hahaha y'all CB haters r dumb! Honesty.. Soo what if Chris beat Rihanna? That's their situation not ours! And obviously there is a reason he did it.. Prob cuz she told him she's a devil worshiper!! Ever think bout that??? And y'all honestly think he's ghetto? U must b trippin! Lil' Wayne and all them r ghetto! And y'all sayin he hasn't had a hit song since no air with Jordan, u obviously forgot bout his song Crawl!!!! U guys r dumb for judging his music based on his personal life.. What a shame... U guys rather listen to devil worshipers who dnt even have good songs than listen to a guy who made a mistake, said sorry and comes out with legit songs! U guys r ridiculous!!!
  • ALWAYS loved himmm

    By Breeeezy<3
    Wait "he's back to his music"??? WTF? Chris never left his music! He had Grafitti and his mixtapes which were greattttt... Chris never left his music, it's just some of u left him... ALWAYS loved Chris and his music, and never stopped! <3 Great songs!!

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